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Sheeple People

So remarkable (sad?) to see in Dusty’s walkthrough video the vast sea of people clinging to and staring into their cellphones, unable to unplug from the system, suddenly stopping in paths – seemingly unaware of the real-time beauty and design of the park. Do they miss the joyful freedom and spontaneity of their inner child when disconnected from the rat race? Looks like any day at your local Trader Joe’s. At some point perhaps the pendulum will swing back the other way and all of this will cycle out of fashion as people reconnect to the real (or in the case of Disneyland, un-real) world.

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Planter removed near Matterhorn?

Hello micechatters, Last night for the first time in a while, I was walking the path that connects tomorrowland and fantasyland, that passes between the matterhorn and the sub lagoon. Right near the start of the sub lagoon, you’re right up against the side of the matterhorn. Did there used to be a planter there, or am I crazy? I don’t remember being able to touch the matterhorn itself. I’m wondering if it was removed as part of project stardust.

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Animal Kingdom over Memorial Day weekend. I need your best advice.

And obviously not “don’t go!” lol Headed to Orlando for a few days next weekend and originally intended to not go to any Disney properties because we didn’t have the time to do all 4 parks. Well that changed this morning, and we bought tickets and made reservations for AK. Upon doing that I learned we couldn’t purchase Genie+ add on’s because we bought a one day ticket. That apparently becomes available at 7am the day of our visit. What is the price of this thing day of? I assume it’s not the mostly affordable price of $30 per person (for a two day ticket, I went back and looked). If I’m wrong, I will be pleasantly surprised. It is extremely important for me that my wife see’s the Festival of the Lion King. So any tips on that will be appreciated. I’m a former DL cm, so I know the parks will be busy over a holiday weekend. I’ve read for years that AK is the least busy of the four. Is that still the case? This was last minute as last minute can be. Any help would appreciated.

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Pros and Cons of Genie+

I’ll keep this brief. I recently visited the parks with a big group and we collectively purchased Genie+ together, and Lightning Lane for Rise of the Resistance. If anyone is curious to know if it’s worth the price, I’ll just say… yes. We waited in one of the major E-ticket lines in the morning without a LL reservation, and the wait was painful. The line did not move at the speed I experienced in October 2021 (before Genie + was a thing). An hour was lost, but once I got used to the app, it was VERY smooth sailing from there.Pros:The line for Genie+ / LL moved faster than what I ever expected, and probably faster than its predecessor FastPass. I guess with what you pay, the speed is called for. We got a lot of rides under our belt within the day (around 20 between both parks, and with lots of shopping and dining in the mix). We rode all the major E-tickets. When a ride broke down within the check-in window, we were immediately given free passes to use on any Genie + / LL attraction, which helped us later when another friend joined our group. I like this change. It’s a lot better than walking all the way to the broken attraction and collecting the freebie passes in person. Instead, it shows up automatically on the app. And you can check in with these freebies whenever. For Lightning Lane in the case of Rise of the Resistance,

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FunFavorite and Least favorite attraction in each land

This can be current, all time, past or present, etc etc Thought it’d be fun. Main Street USA Favorite: Great Moments with Mr Lincoln Least favorite: Are we counting Main Street Cinema as an attraction? I guess that loses by default, as much as its one of my favorite little nooks in the park Frontierland: Favorite: Big Thunder Mountain RR Least Favorite: Friggin canoes New Orleans Square: I’m just gonna call this a tie Critter Country: Favorite: Country Bear Jamboree (all time) Least: Winnie the Pooh Galaxy’s Edge: Favorite: RotR Least: Oga’s Cantina. It was cool getting to walk in, but having to stand the whole time made it a lot less fun lol Fantasyland: Favorite: Snow White’s Scary Adventures (another all time/past one) Least: Mad Tea Party Tomorrowland: Favorite: Classic Star Tours Least: Innoventions Adventureland: Favorite: Indiana Jones Least: Tarzan’s Treehouse

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Jerry Bruckheimer addresses Johnny Depp’s future with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

How much more grotesque will Depp’s defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife need to get before Disney considers de-Deppifying Disney Parks’ most famous ride — or will they even consider it at all? “Wherrrre be Cap’n Jack Sparrow?” Takes yer pick o’ headlines, me hearties…Jerry Bruckheimer addresses Johnny Depp’s future with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise’Pirates of the Caribbean’ producer weighs in on Johnny Depp’s role in franchise’s futureJohnny Depp not coming back to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise ‘at this point,’ says producer Jerry BruckheimerMargot Robbie in talks to take over Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise; Bruckheimer confirms Depp is outConfirmed: Disney Officially Replaces Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

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Found this site ( and it appears to be safe and has good reviews, so I’m not too concerned with the validity. That said, its definitely a European based site and only shows costs in Euros. They have screaming deals for 5 days DL passes as well as Universal Studios buy 1 get a day free deals for great prices. My question is (and no, I cannot find the answer anywhere on their website nor a email address, just a international number to call), can someone from the US buy these tickets and use them? I started to fill out the address section at checkout and US was an option, however I’d feel 100% better if someone has had experience doing the same from the US. Thank you all so much!

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My Experience with Disney Genie and Mobile Order

I was in Disneyland for five days at the beginning of May and tried out Disney Genie Plus and Mobile ordering for the first time. With a good rope drop strategy combined with Genie plus, I was able to ride pretty much every ride I wanted to, in both parks, over the course of sixteen hours on my first day. In fact, I seldom waited over half an hour to ride any ride, although the caveat is that I used single rider lines for Webslingers and RSR. While this is great for me and my family, it made certain rides virtually unrideable if you didn’t have Genie Plus. I definitely have empathy for the people that now have to wait up to two hours to ride a top ride. I also tried Mobile Ordering for the first time and much preferred it over waiting in a line for my food. While I had a great time with little waiting, my friend had a very different experience. He is someone that visits Disneyland 3-5 days every year and also used Genie Plus for the first time. He said that he will not return until things change at the park. He was very dissatisfied with stand-by wait times. I found this interesting that two families that were very similar, had very dissimilar experiences using the Genie Plus system. We both agreed that the creation of the separate Lightning Lanes for ROTR, RSR, and Webslingers is garbage and needs to be scrapped. My

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