Have you ever experienced “magic” at the parks? I mean things like unexpectedly good interactions with CMs or characters, unexpected and pleasant interactions with strangers, moments when everything lines up just right, special privileges like CMs giving you things like preferential seating or special buttons or pins, things like that?

For example, I was there on my honeymoon, it was late in the evening and we were in the queue for Storybook Land boats, chatting with a CM working the ride. Suddenly he disappeared as though his shift was over or whatever, then reappeared a minute later with “Honorary Citizen” buttons! We didn’t even know such things existed! I guess he either saw our “Just Married” (or whatever they said ten years ago), or maybe we were just extra nice to talk to, maybe both, but it sure seemed magical to us.

Another fun one- we were eating at Paradise Gardens, and the place was empty except for us and one custodian. The area was spotless, as usual, so we thanked the guy for his dedication and hard work. He just beamed and said, “My boss called me into his office the other day to compliment me, and I was very flattered. But this means so much more! He could have given me a $100 bonus, but I’d happily trade that bonus for this!” We all left smiling.

We thanked both guys in person of course, and left compliments for both at City Hall before we left for the night.

TLR What’s “Disneyland magic” mean to you?