Greetings everyone, I recently got back from my first visit to DLR since before the Pixarification of the Pier and boy do I have a LOT to say about this trip, so buckle-up because some of what I liked or disliked may surprise you.

I’ll start by laying some information about me and my interests. I’m a single adult in my 30s and traveled solo. I don’t drink alcohol, I find it disgusting to the taste and smell. I’m a fan of just about all aspects of Disney other than sports and some of the Fox properties (sorry but Avatar is boring as hell). Last time I visited I was happy to get MaxPass in part because on my first day I went to the ticket booth and they let me pre-pay for it for the duration of my trip. I found it to be a value at the time. I did get a new magicband ahead of the trip and had it set up and linked to my ticket before arriving.

Jump forward over 6 years to my trip.

The great:
-Meet and greets in Avengers Campus (the only 2 I didn’t get to see while I was there were Thor and T’Challa just due to timing), AHSOKA, Padme during Star Wars Nite, Rise of the Resistance, the layout of Galaxy’s Edge, the live entertainment in Avengers Campus, World of Color One, Incredicoaster (at night), Runaway Railway, the meet and greet characters from Onward, Elemental, Coco, and Encanto, Pym’s Test Kitchen, new Star Tours scenes, the ease of using magicband to enter the parks and for any days I had genie for fastpass and photos, view of World of Color from Lamplight Lounge

The good:
-San Fransokyo, Pirates of the Caribbean auction scene update, Jungle Cruise show scene updates, Indiana Jones new effects, seeing Bing Bong at Pixar Place Hotel, on ride photos were free, new costumes for Mr Incredible and Elastigirl in DCA, Blue Milk, Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num-Num, Adorable Snowman’s Lemon treat (though it wasn’t a snow cone, it seemed more like dole whip only lemon), I enjoyed WEB Slingers

The Mediocre:
-Better Together, Ronto Roasters (breakfast), Hyperspace Mountain, Smuggler’s Run Toon Town’s New layout, replacing the Davy Jones effect with that simple mirror static figure

The Bad:
-Incredicoaster (during the day), Pixarification of the pier, Avengers Campus layout (too small, needs at least one more ride), live entertainment (or really lack thereof) in Galaxy’s Edge, the meet and greet format for Star Wars Nite (I prefer to pose with the characters and have someone take the picture for us rather than have to do a moving selfie), The blisters I got after 2 days (out of a 6.5 park days trip including Star Wars Nite as a separate day and Universal for a day), lots of effects in Pirate, Small World, and Jungle Cruise weren’t working, Matterhorn lift hill seemed darker than I remember as well.

The ugly:
-the loss of 2 average priced character breakfasts (Ariel’s Grotto, and PCH Grill) with the only replacement being the WAY overpriced Princess thing at the Napa Rose. It is baffling to me that in a time when we have a Pixar Hotel, and Pixar Pier, neither location has a Pixar character breakfast (with the obvious host being Remy)
-The app having a lot of weird issues like listing certain souvenir dishes under “view menu” despite being out of stock, it tried to tell me I needed a reservation for Rancho Del Zocalo, I never did figure out how to book a virtual queue for World of Color, or individual Lightning Lane for Rise
-The obvious push for us to use the app for everything whether that be selfies with the new lenses, tickets, fastpass, food, and shopping. I’m on vacation and the last thing I want to do is be looking at my phone all day, I want to enjoy all the sights and sounds that the imagineers worked so hard to create for us.
-Great Maple is not a good fit for the Pixar (family) hotel. The environment inside echoes too much so when kids make loud noises the entire restaurant can hear them, I ended up with a splitting headache and had to leave early.
-Lamplight Lounge food was ok, but as a single adult who doesn’t drink it really sucked to be seated at the bar, those seats are hard to get in and out of, the bartenders are too busy to serve you the way a waiter would if you are at a table, and to be honest, one of the bartenders was really abrasive and I just couldn’t deal with it. If it weren’t for waiting for the World of Color view, I probably would have just gotten a mocktail then left. For both Great Maple and Lamplight Lounge I don’t see myself going back.
-They need to give Merchandise Guest Services the ability to let you place a phone order for park merchandise (that isn’t available online) again, that option went away with Covid and hasn’t come back.