A very very very generous friend treated my wine group to dinner at 21 Royal a couple weeks ago. It was truly the best experience I’ve ever had at a Disney property. Beyond special!

We spent the morning in the parks, stuffing boats and ride vehicles with our ten person party. My friend is a HUGE star wars fan, and had never been to Galaxy’s Edge, and it was beyond fun to see him running around like a child, taking photos and getting super excited to see characters roaming about. Then we headed back to the hotel to gussy up for the evening ahead!

Our butler Paul met us at our bus transportation. We had our own security (yes, you still get bag-checked), and we were soon on the bus and on our way! The bus was super lux – and somehow we ended up in a super informative discussion with Paul about Disney horses and their care. Heh.

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They took us on a circuitous route backstage. No photos or videos allowed. We got a glimpse of the old Tower of Terror sign stowed away inside a warehouse, saw the parade float building, the nursery, the pope house, and finally got off the bus behind the Pirates show building. We saw some fun goodies back there, then walked up and entered on the far side of the New Orleans train station tracks. We crossed over and headed to the apartment over Pirates!

(Will continue in this thread…. may take me a bit, I have a LOT of pictures. Feel free to keep checking, if you’re interested!)

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