After so many years of me questioning toontowns existence and how much it lacks compared to the rest of Disneyland…. It seems to have finally found its place as a worthy land in Walt Disney’s original magic kingdom. A lot of the problem in toontown for me was it felt to concrete…. didn’t feel organic but now the land looks so green and lived in. I also like how now they have all the characters hanging out outside their homes… like in the case of mickey there is two mickey costumes one outside roaming and one inside you can wait for. PETE AND CLARABELLE FINALLY GET RECOGNITION!!!! Chip and dale won’t be roaming the land anymore but at least they have figures on their roller coaster. It just looks so Disneyland now and an area for the original characters that started Disney animation on a spiral to the top definitely deserve their own land. Now if you think about it toontown has two around 9/10 dark rides, many walkthrough attractions, a roller coaster to add kinetic energy, food and dining, it just feels complete. I will definitely be checking it out on Sunday and am soooo excited. It feels like this is the cartoon land and fantasyland is feature length animation. Disney took a risk when remodeling toontown instead of fantasyland expansions and I applaud them.

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