THANK YOU, Micechat for the OUTSTANDING 2022 Scary Farm update!!!…rm-2022-guide/

So there is no MIcechat outing here for 2022. (Bad move, Knott’s.)

But for a more anarchical do-it-yourself gathering, who’s up for meeting us here for the second seating of the pre-scare Boo-Fet on Sunday night, Sept. 25, 2022? (That gets you into the mazes earlier though admission is sold separately.) Once in the park, we’ll probably skip the returning, cheap-looking (underwater) Depths and the Space-themed maze/house and get to the first show of “Puppet Up” & leave the park before 10pm, though you’re of course welcome to go on your own at any time, and I’d be interested in doing the two new mazes twice. Send me a private message if you’re interested or just look for a creepy looking 5’8″ 60ish looking guy at the Boo-fet. You’d have to get your own tix & transportation.

This is, of course, all unofficial and & has nothing to do with Micechat. (All tickets & Boo-fet! payments directly to Knott’s, and there’s a chance I won’t be there due to death, illness or whim.)

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