If this is true, it makes me feel a little less resentful towards Disneyland management. Supposedly, it is similar to why the Yeti doesn’t move anymore in Animal Kingdom. To repair the support towers, it would mean opening up the Matterhorn.

This quote is from an article about Seth Green buying a Skyway car. “The Skyway is one of the most beloved defunct Disney attractions. Closed in 1994, many people believe it was because a Guest jumped from a bucket and into the trees of Fantasyland. However, this is an urban legend. It was shut down because the support towers were beginning to show stress cracks, and to fix them, Disney would have had to open up the Matterhorn completely.​” This was posted on July 21, 2023 by Jeremy Hanna on another Disney fan site.

He goes on to say…”When you’re on the Matterhorn, keep an eye out for some Skyway buckets torn to pieces by the Abominable Snowman.​” I’ve never noticed that, but I don’t like the jostling on Matterhorn so very much and I am now accompanied often by people who either cannot or do not like to ride coasters. Anyone have any pics that show the Skyway buckets in the Matterhorn?

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