In the state of California the theme park industry is highly regulated by Cal-OSHA. Much of those regulations involve the training and regulatory tracking of those CM’s training parameters – what is known as “job knowledge”. An Attractions CM will have been trained and have job knowledge on two or three different attractions after they have worked at the park for a year. Usually a new hire will get trained on a second attraction shortly after their 120 day probation period is over. Higher seniority CM’s will have job knowledge on three or four different attractions in the part of the park they are assigned to. CM’s can be scheduled to work two or three attractions per week, and sometimes they get moved from one ride to another during the same day if staffing requires it.

Per California state law and Cal-OSHA requirements, a CM’s job knowledge expires if they haven’t worked a specific attraction within one calendar year – so if you are trained on Indy and you haven’t worked that ride in 10 months the scheduling system automatically starts scheduling you Indy shifts so that your job knowledge there doesn’t expire. This helps the business run efficiently – and makes the most out of the investment in CM’s.

Disneyland closed on March 13th, 2020 – and all those attractions haven’t operated since. If Attractions CM’s do not return to property and work a shift at all of the attractions they have job knowledge at before March 12th, 2021 their job knowledge will expire. Once your job knowledge expires, a CM has to go through the full retraining on that location – including performing the written Knowledge Assesment test and the Performance Assesment test in front of a Lead at all staffed positions at that attraction.

Get where this is going?— Disneyland will need to retrain thousands of CM’s at dozens of attractions before it can reopen for Guests. Unless they get all those CM’s back on property and working at least one shift at a closed attraction before March 12th, 2021. And that’s probably not gonna happen.

The full training, regulated by Cal-OSHA, is the following for some attractions –
– Racers, Space Mt., Indy, Incredicoaster is 5 8 Hour Days
-Pirates, Mansion, Guardians, Splash, Small World, Midway Mania is 4 8 Hour Days
-Luigi’s, Mark Twain, Rafts is 3 8 Hour Days – or sometimes 3 and a half days.

You get the idea. Assuming all DLR Attractions CM’s lose their job knowledge on March 12th, 2021 – it’s going to take many weeks to get a core group of CM’s retrained at all the core attractions. You might have to just abandon low capacity rides that take 3 or 4 days to train like StorybookLand, Canoes, Subs, etc. for now. Focus on the E Tickets and the most popular smaller attractions – and forget about operating Golden Zephyr or Astro Orbiter for now.

It’s going to require a very long time and a very large operation to fully retrain and restaff the full complement of 45+ Attractions at DLR. It’s monumental. And it’s going to add considerable time to the calendar of reopening the parks once the state government allows DLR to reopen.

This will be like opening a brand new park from scratch, like Shanghai Disneyland – and it’s going to take a long time once they begin retraining everyone.

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