I realize now why I didn’t see this thread, because it wasn’t in the Disneyland forum. I know it’s off topic (actually, I think it IS on topic), so no one need reply here; however, I was searching for Mr. Wiggins and had my worst fears confirmed. He did pass away. I thought I would post here in case others like me had missed it.

The full thread is in “The Forums”:

Mr Wiggins has passed away

10-12-2022, 01:26 PM
Longtime Micechat contributor Mr Wiggins has passed away, his family confirmed. Mr Wiggins has contributed to Micechat since its inception in January 2005, and had just shy of 17,000 posts before his passing. He was a consistent voice on Micechat over its 17+ year history and was seen by many as a pillar of the community. “

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