I have been riding the log ride since the early 70’s and I always remember the miner with the hose before the final drop and how the hose cuts off right before you pass by. Whelp we were just there on Sunday and the hose was staying on so as you passed it was a full hose of water streaming right into your lap and on your head people were getting utterly soaked. I mentioned to the Knotts staff working the ride as we exited and the gal that seemed in charge when I told her ” Hey the hose is not shutting off at the end and just streams water onto of guests. She looked at me with a blank smile lying right to my face and said it’s always on and it’s not supposed to shut off.” I just shook my head and rolled my eye’s, it’s one thing to decide to switch it on for fun or because of the Summer heat or whatever but to lie out right to customers really and of let me down. not enough to complain but Knotts lost of bit of it’s magic to me in that moment.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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