We went to KSF on October 26th and it was truly a great experience. We bought the ticket that gave us front of the line, parking and food which amounted to around 450 for two people but it really was worth it. The regular lines, even on a Thursday were pretty bad. It was our first trip back since 2019 and we really wanted to see the Hanging again but we missed the early show. So we tried to go to the late show and when we went bye about 45 minutes early but people were already in line so I asked the employee if can we come back just before the show and get in and the guy said it would be packed then and if we really wanted to see it we needed to get in line asap. So sadly we missed the Hanging this year but we could hear some of it through the bushes and it really sounded great. It was the anti woke show this year!! But overall it really was a great night. The Carnival show was amazing and the new mazes were fantastic but the Depths and Paranormal Inc are old and both need to go. The Chambers was probably our favorite. Room 13 was also pretty cool. Overall Knott’s Scary Farm’s 50th year was killer!!