How about if Disneyland offered an upsell “NeverPass”? — For a certain percentage upcharge, nostalgic guests looking to be spontaneous and escape the real world (and their phones) for the day, could drop into the park without a reservation, purchase a NeverPass (so long as park capacity remained available) that allowed them on-the-spot admission. Then they would be given a physical card that allows them to purchase food and gifts at whim (paying with cash or credit cards) and wait in line for any attraction that appealed to them at the moment – plus enjoy parades, shows and entertainment without a special party ticket.

Since reportedly, the company knows that guests are looking for flexibility and choice — why not let them pay more to experience a stress-free, retro-style day at Disneyland sans the app, reservations, preordering, phones, or virtual queues — meaning the company could charge them a premium for doing/providing nothing new at all — allowing for a carefree experience like before the plagues (Covid, Genie, and Disneyland App).

How much more would a retro pass experience cost?

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