Calling all Disney popcorn buckets collectors! You may have quite a collection, but do you have a personalized bucket with YOUR name or your family’s name on it!? Many guests don’t know that you can actually have them personalized with ANYTHING you want in the Magic Kingdom! Once you purchase your bucket, make sure you eat all the popcorn out of it before taking it over to the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square! Inside, you can ask for a binder of lettering ideas, fonts, drawings, and ink examples to pick out exactly what you want! Personalization is an extra cost; the cast members can let you know how much your design will be! Guests will prepay for their personalization and give their phone number in order to receive a text message when their popcorn bucket is ready for pickup! *It is important to note, that once your popcorn bucket is personalized, you cannot have it refilled in the parks anymore.*  

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